Tricycle Advertising

Now days, it becomes possible for businessmen to make public aware about their products and services by using the service of advertising on Auto Rickshaw . Through advertising, business people are able to provide complete information about products and services to their precious clients and customers

Tricycle Advertisement

We have special kind of innovative advertising as Tricycle Advertising for your brand promotion in outdoor transit media in a small and reasonable budget which gives your products and services an effective brand promotion in a defined territory as per your target customers and will be on roaming as per your route map planned by yourself.
It gives you the complete advantage of outdoor media in a small budget. It is more cost effective to other traditional media and can be focused on your target clients It is however an outdoor media with non-lit and lit option also, but have the advantage of moving on wheels to your desired place targeting any market segment, area. It gives you maximum visibility and maximum eyeballs that can be planned in your way.

What's Included in tricycle Advertisement

  • Cycle Advertising is a very cost effective medium of advertising.
  • Cycle advertising also called tricycle branding is very popular BTL form of advertising , both in Big cities, as well as small towns
  • Tricycle branding meets ones prospective customers at an almost eye level.
  • Cycle advertising will not burn a hole in Advertisers' pockets
  • Results from Tricycle branding can also be measured by calculation of leads from the area in which Tricycle is operating.

Benefits of creating tricycle Advertisement

It’s brilliant! Advertise like never before!

Exposure is the golden rule! With this innovative, high impact, mobile advertising solution you can obtain a powerful and cost effective brand exposure. Cycle Ads is perfect for any campaign and is ideal for high street retail environments, new store and product launches, sporting events and concerts, conferences, trade shows and many more.

Cycle ads is perfect for:

Reaching the busiest pedestrian areas(tactical positioning of the mobile banners) ​ Interacting with the public while handling leaflets or doing product sampling ​ Eco friendly advertising

They can run but they can’t hide!

Rather than waiting for your audience to pick up a magazine or switch on the TV or radio, you can put your message right in front of them, addressing your customers in places they may not expect.

The WOW factor

The success of the promo bike trailers comes from their unique traction mode. The audience is not accustomed to seeing mobile billboards being towed by bicycles, let alone by promo men. Thus your campaign message will benefit from the highest possible recall rate.

Packages Of tricycle Advertisement

tricycle Advertisement –

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