Product Launch Activity

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Product Launch Activity

If you are launching your new product or service to the market, it’s important to have a solid marketing plan. Before you can create your product launch marketing, you need to define your goals. What will success look like at the end of your product launch? Use the answers to this question to establish several key metrics and objectives of your launch marketing campaign.

What's Included in Product Launch Activity

  • Identify Target Audiences
  • Create Messaging and Document Unique Differentiators
  • Train Your Media Spokespeople
  • Build Media and Influencer Databases

Benefits of Product Launch Activity

Train Your Media Spokespeople

Select a few executives with a range of expertise from your organization to handle media interviews and contributed article requests. This should include experts from the product development side as well as C-level executives such as your CEO or CMO. Be sure to provide adequate preparation prior to a media interview, such as anticipated interview questions and key points to hit during the interview.

Solve Customer Problem

Companies will need to take a hard look at how their product solves a customer problem and what makes it different from other products currently available in the marketplace. Use this to document your key messages and unique differentiators that you want to highlight throughout the launch. Your messaging and unique differentiators will drive your conversations with the media, prospects, analysts and other industry influencers.

Plan Your Content Marketing Activities

You will need a variety of content marketing materials to support your product launch marketing activities. This includes product spec sheets, video demos, blog posts, website content and media pitches.


When creating your launch strategy, it’s important to clearly define your target audiences, their pain points and why they should care about your products and services. You must go beyond simple demographic information and incorporate insights around interests, motivators and research sources. It can also be helpful to conduct interviews with your sales team and even clients and prospects.

Features For Product Launch Activity

Product Launch Activity –

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