Bus Advertising

Auto Advertising Understand the complexities that are involved in taking an event on the road nationwide, with the same exact, expected and required deliverables each time. Shoppers Adda Company will manage all the complex timelines,

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising rates are greatly reduced when compared to other advertising services, such as television, internet and radio. In fact, many advertisers give their first preference for bus advertising or bus shelter advertising as compare to other media option. Bus advertisement is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to reach out to lakhs of consumers. Bus advertising is also known as metro rail advertising or rail advertising. Bus advertising is a perfect way to attract the attention of commuters who travel by trains on daily basis across city.
We do Bus advertising in PAN India to get the highest visibility to your brand.Bus advertising rates helps to focused exposure at a single point. Bus advertising price creates excellent visibility to your brand. Bus advertising helps to reach wider ability to a large spectrum of audience. Bus advertising covers long and wide distance. Why you should select bus advertising over other advertising options? bus advertising rates are cost effective and it is a medium to reach maximum audiences, where bus advertising campaigns specialize in attracting consumers on the move, especially the otherwise hard-to-reach commuters and members of targeted communities.
  • Bus Seat Back Panel Advertising
  • Bus Back Panel Advertising
  • Bus Side Panel Advertising
  • Bus Window Top Advertising
  • ST Bus Stand Hoarding Advertising

Bus Shelter

In a city wherein thousands of commuters travel by bus every day, the use of bus shelters to advertise varied products and services is exceedingly effective.


Buss Ads are available in a variety of sizes and formats, ranging from side panel displays to fully wrapped buses.


Buses are moving throughout residential and core business areas, on secondary arteries and busy streets, every day

Seen By Everyone

Bus ads deliver quick bursts of essential information throughout the marketplace and are seen by both pedestrians and vehicular traffic at the same time.

Package Of Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising  –

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