Standees aka retractable banners help your product / company / service to stand out.


Lets make a strong and powerful statement with your products and services. We use standees to grab the attention of potential customers in a given area. Understanding how to strategically use these marketing promotions for your business we will help you to create the picture perfect look for specials you want to draw customers to. We provide the best standee designing and printing solutions.
Standees allow you to have a larger image and presence in a high traffic area. The marketing materials are usually six feet tall and three feet wide, allowing it to reflect directly back to one looking at the picture.

What's Included in Standee Promotion

  • Used at Various Locations
  • Easy to Setup and Reusable
  • Durable
  • Communicates Your Message Effectively

Benefits of Standee

Stunning Display

A standee can be an outstanding poster or one with moving graphics and LEDs. Having your brand displayed in a graceful manner creates a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. If you want to create a memorable impact, pick the right shapes, colors and graphics while designing your standee to make the most out of them.

Immediate Payoffs

A standee can ensure a rise in your customer count. It is usually displayed at a place where the moving crowd can spot it easily. Upon seeing the standee, a visitor makes a quick decision of whether or not to visit your stall. This helps in increasing the number of footfalls which in turn can boost your sales.

Stand Out with a Standee

A standee is basically a larger than life projection of your brand which allows you to stand out in a high traffic event like a tradeshow. A dramatic and eye-catching standee display enhances your chances of being spotted. The graphics used can create a memorable image in the mind of the people walking by. This lets them get an idea about your business and conveys the desired message


A standee can be easily moved from one place to another. Having a number of standees will boost presence at a crowded tradeshow. Their portable nature makes it all the more beneficial. You can keep rotating their positions to arrest attention or magnify your booth’s display.

Features For Standee

 Standee –

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